Loan calculator


If you have any questions about LandMN, please see our FAQs first.
  • No collateral is required
  • You can easily solve your financial needs whenever you want
  • Flexible interest payment terms for the period of use
  • You can get repeated loans as many times as you want during the validity period of the credit
  • Reward points are awarded for making repayments on time
  • Bonus points can be used to increase the credit or reduce the interest rate.
You can download the application by searching for LendMN in the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Must be an 18-year-old citizen of Mongolia
  • No past due loan balance or history in the credit database
  • You must have sent an account statement that received regular income for the last 6 months or more
  • The level of debt-to-income ratio should be sufficient to repay the loan
  • Register as a user in the application
    • Download the LendMN app, fill out your information, and submit your checking account statement to apply for a loan.
  • Establishing a contract
    • In case of credit rights, you can get a loan by choosing a customer service center or a notary nearest to you and signing a contract.
  • Sign the contract in person at the head office of “LandMN BBSB” JSC in Ulaanbaatar city, Chingeltei district, 3rd district, Suvd center or the nearest notary.
  • The location of a notary where a contract can be concluded can be found in the LendMN application and by calling 7707-0101.
  • Every time you repay the loan on time, you get bonus points by multiplying the loan days by 10.
    For example: if you take a 30-day loan and pay it back on the 30th day, you will get 30×10=300 points, and if you pay on the 25th day, you will get 25×10=250 points.
  • Bonus points are not awarded in the following cases.
    • When the loan is overdue
    • In case of repeated credit periods, the first credit score will be entered in full, and the next credit score will be included
  • The purpose of obtaining your bank login and password is to calculate credit eligibility through bank statements, saving you time by automating the process of manually fetching bank statements.
  • Also, this account connection is a one-time system-level operation without human intervention to determine your income, and your bank details are not stored.
  • You can pay your loan repayments by logging into the application, and you can also make payments to the following LandMN accounts:
    • Trade and Development Bank: account number 460020642
    • Golomt bank account number: 1505119229
    • King Bank: Account No. 5220042965
  • Please note that if you make a repayment with the above account, you must write the loan number and your registration number in Krill characters in the transaction value.
Extension is possible when your loan balance is over MNT 50,000. When you extend your loan term, you pay a total amount equal to 10% of the accrued interest, fees, and principal.
  • If your loan is overdue, your access to the service will be suspended until repayment is made and no bonus points will be awarded.
  • Furthermore, your delinquent loan information will be recorded in the Credit Database as a downgraded loan. Please note that there is a risk of not being able to get credit services from other banks and financial institutions.

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