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Globally recognized, Truthfulness, Collaborative strength

Innovation sprint

Independence and innovation are integral to our culture. Every two weeks, we discuss new ideas for products and services using the ‘Innovation Sprint’ method. This approach not only enhances the productivity of the organization but also fosters individual growth


We are constantly innovating and creating new value, delivering the most innovative and best products and services to our customers


Creative solutions and necessary changes are implemented promptly
Think bigger and move forward 


Promotes mutual trust,
respect and positivity


Works with a combination of high professional skills and the right attitude
Finds the right solution based on uniqueness, time and resources Values effective teamwork


Values the right and adheres to the principles of honesty and integrity 
Deeply aware of social responsibility
Environmentally friendly


Continuously develops self and others
Accepts new challenges and learns from mistakes
Constantly improve professional skills

Humans of LendMN

“ЛэндМН ББСБ” ХК-ийн эрч хүчтэй, чадварлаг, хөдөлмөрч залуусаа танилцуулах, тэдний юу хийдэг, ажлын арга барил, зорилго хүсэл тэмүүллийг илэрхийлэх, хөгжилтэй дурсамжтай, сэтгэгдэл түүхээс хуваалцах “Humans of LendMN” ярилцлагыг хүргэж байна.

Яагаад ЛэндМН гэж...

Зээлийн тооцоолуур

Сарын төлөлт Бодогдсон хүү Үндсэн зээлийн төлөлт Зээлийн үлдэгдэл