About us

Peace, Honesty, Unity

"LendMN NBFI" JSC is a non-collateralized low-cost, consumer micro-loan service provider through LendMN application that successfully introduced a FinTech business model. This model is a leveraged technology introduced for the first time in the financial market of Mongolia.


To provide financial services and guides to our customers based on innovative technology.


To serve under-banked people through innovative financial services and be well aware of our social responsibility.


LendMN’s value will be best team, advanced technology based services, and customers trust to us.


"Peace, Honesty, and Unity" LENDMN Product Slogan: "Switch it on, Solve the Problem.

Management team


LendMN NBFI Holding Company / Chief Executing Officer


LendMN NBFI Holding Company / Chief Financial Officer


LendMN NBFI Holding Company / Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Technology provider - AND Systems

Our mission is to provide our users a service using the most innovative and disruptive technology, to make opportunities to serve under-banked customers.

AND Systems aims to create a new level of financial services through FinTech based on artificial intelligence. AND Systems introduced innovative, low-cost, mobile-based financial technologies for the first time in Mongolia. The company is in charge of the operation and reliability of LendMN NBFI JSC’s system.


AND Global

A True FinTech Company

AND Global is the parent company of AND Systems LLC and LendMN NBFI. The parent company is responsible for establishing and finding investment, strategic planning, implementation of strategic actions and management. After raising $1 million in seed funding in April of 2016, the company received another investment of $4 million, was valued to be $30.8 million worth in August of 2017. AND Global will use LendMN application model in SEA countries starting in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.